• Station Voice is now available!
  • Equipment changes have been introduced to improve item progression from levels 1 – 59 worldwide.
  • Check out the sections below for details on these highlights and other details of "Storm Break" (GU47).


  • "Storm Break" (GU47): Librarian Feldarn of Freeport's Academy of Arcane Science and Librarian Dungil of Qeynos' Concordium are looking for volunteers to help battle the onslaught of darkness from beyond.
  • Qeynos and Freeport have broken ground on major construction projects just off of the coast of Antonica and Commonlands respectively. Visit the docks to see the new activity!


  • A new Voice Bar will appear that provides options and indicates who is currently speaking and when you're talking. It can be docked with any chat windows.
  • A new Voice Users window will show all users in the current channel. This window can be changed to be transparent and show only active speakers if you'd like.
  • Group and Raid windows have speaking indicators to show who is currently speaking.
  • Voice options are available in the Options Menu under the "Voice Chat" tab.
  • If you're not currently in a voice channel, you will be placed in the first channel that becomes available. Subsequent channels that become available can be selected through a dropdown on the Voice Users window, a button on the Voice Bar, or a link that appears in text chat.
  • Left Control is the default push-to-talk key. You can change the key in the "Voice Chat" tab of the Options Menu.
  • If you need more info, do "/help vchat" in game.

Also, you can see a mini-feature on the EQII forums.


The help system has received an overhaul. Many game windows now have a help button in the upper-right corner that will open the appropriate help topic.


  • The Tangrin and Avatar of Growth encounters now warn players three seconds before it's time for them to start moving.
  • The Tangrin will no longer spawn a new beehive if any raid member already possesses one.
  • All Named and Boss NPCs in Kunark now drop Adept I and Master I scrolls equal to or lesser than their level.
  • Many of the named creatures in Sebilis, Chardok and Karnor's Castle no longer have place holders, have a longer respawn time, and will now always drop legendary rewards.
  • The random Adept I and Master I spells you get while killing creatures in the level 1-20 range will now only drop spells you or your group members need.


  • Adventure writs now award 500 faction points per completion.
  • Adventurers working for the city of Neriak will now gain faction with the Agents of Neriak, Queen Cristanos' eyes and ears in the outside world of Norrath. Gaining faction will lead to new city rewards!
  • Adventurers working for the city of Gorowyn will now gain faction with The Watchers of Timorous, a group of sarnak which stand vigilant in the defense of their homeland. Gaining faction will lead to new city rewards!
  • A new shade of formal wear is now also available to those who are ranked as ally with any city writ faction.
  • Page 5 of "A History of the Vah Shir, Vol. I" is now tradeable.
  • The quests that awarded potions/elixirs from the Hand of Marr and Brethren of Night camps now award more.
  • The quest "Vision of Fear" should no longer continue to offer the quest when a player walks through the entrance tunnel in Feerrott. It has been moved to a nearby curious totem that can be clicked to obtain the quest.
  • The quest "A Calling in the Forest" should no longer continue to offer the quest each time a player walks over the Commonlands bridge in Nektulos Forest. It has been moved to a nearby skeleton laying on the bridge that can be clicked to obtain the quest.


  • Dark Elves
    • Innoruuk's Gift now grants the full 2% spell critical amount.


RoK Legendary Armor Sets:

  • The Wayward Moon set has been removed from the drop tables and replaced with the Sylvan Moon set which is only equipable by Furies and Wardens. Those wishing to replace their Wayward Moon pieces for the new Sylvan Moon pieces should speak to Joonius Khristus in Teren's Grasp.
  • The Enigmatic Sacrifice set has been removed from the drop tables and replaced with the Cabalistic Sacrifice set which is only equipable by Defilers and Mystics. Those wishing to replace their Enigmatic Sacrifice pieces for the new Cabalistic Sacrifice pieces should speak to Joonius Khristus in Teren's Grasp.
  • Adornments attached to Wayward Moon or Enigmatic Sacrifice set pieces will be lost in the process.

Epic Weapon Changes:

  • Wrath of Nature (Fury)
    • Now gives out damage and heal amount bonuses.
    • The mythical version now improves healing and damage spells based upon a percentage of your wisdom and intelligence respectively.
  • The Impact of the Sacrosanct (Templar)
    • The proc effect now lasts slightly longer.
    • Added a bonus to reactives based on the templar's wisdom.
  • Cudgel of Obviation (Mystic)
    • The mythical version's Spirit Tap will only be triggered by the mystic's group members. Also the heal and power bonuses have been reduced.
  • Dream Scorcher (Defiler)
    • This now gives heal crit instead of spell crit.
    • Now grants bonuses to both spells and heals.
    • Proc no longer drops when damage is taken.
  • Penitent's Absolution (Inquisitor)
    • Improved the healing power of aftershock. In the vicinity of 75% of the heal. Also added casting and reuse bonus of 15% and reduced the time from 2 seconds to 0.5 seconds.
    • The mythical version's intervene effect has been replaced by a powerful group cure which will cure arcane, elemental, noxious and trauma effects. In addition, when it cures an effect it will also heal the player for each effect it removes.
  • Dragon's Temper (Berserker)
    • Adds an additional hate position boost to Insolence.
    • Changed the double attack bonus to melee critical chance.
  • The Truth of Marr (Paladin)
    • The delay is now 6 seconds.
    • Added a damage proc to the weapon.
    • Now gives both spell and combat art damage bonuses.
  • Sedition (Shadowknight)
    • The delay is now 6 seconds.
    • Added a damage proc to the weapon.
    • Now gives both spell and combat art damage bonuses.
  • Death's Grip (Warlock)
    • The dumbfire pet bonus has changed to improve the warlock's critical damage by 10%.
  • Eye of the Siren (Coercer)
    • Now gives a subjugation bonus.
    • The mythical version now removes the concentration cost of Possess Essence.
  • Mirage Star (Illusionist)
    • Now gives a subjugation bonus.
  • Havoc, Blade of Treachery (Brigand)
    • Proc now gives a bonus to double attack instead of haste.
  • Gorynn's Fist (Bruiser)
    • The proc will now give the bruiser an additional chance to critical melee attacks.
  • Revitalized Vel`Arek (Guardian)
    • The mythical version's proc will now only do 5% damage reduction.

In Other Item News:

  • Worldwide equipment, ranging from level 1-59 (including heritage quest rewards), have been increased to create a better progression from Timorous Deep to level 80 Rise of Kunark zones. This increase includes accessories, armor, and weapons, as well as many tradeskill items. Shields, items with special effects, and tradeskilled armor have not yet been changed.
  • House items now observe the 'Lore' flag, allowing only one of a lore item to be placed in a home. The 'lore' flag has been removed from house items and pets that are primarily decorative in nature.
  • Non-ubiquitous adornments used to add damage to symbols (arcane ornament, viral ornament, noxious ornament etc) now affect combat arts as well as spells.
  • Crusaders can now wear the Mark of the Ankexfen.
  • The Jungle Bow should now properly equip when double-clicked.
  • The Supple Dogwood Staff now procs on melee attacks rather than ranged.
  • Bruisers and Monks can no longer equip Edgewalker Chainmail Leggings.
  • The mounted claw and fist of pestilence should now mount on a wall with the hand facing outwards. The ornate spoon, fork, and knife should place more accurately on flat surfaces.
  • Protection values have been adjusted on Guard of Drelikus, Vioren's Forcefield, and Brace of Corporeal Darklight.
  • Protection on the Shield of the Green Dragon was lowered.


  • The potions and elixirs from the Hand of Marr and Brethren of Night heal a more appropriate amount of health/power.


  • The city tradeskill societies are dealing with a bulk order for some new formal clothing, and require some assistance. Tradeskillers of the 60th rank or higher who have previously assisted their societies may speak to the Grandmaster for more details.
  • Tradeskillers who are skilled enough to see the tradeskill collection quests may find more rewards available in their travels.
  • Armorers now have a recipe for imbued devout ebon greaves.
  • The fuel requirement for imbued rosewood shields has been corrected.
  • The fuel requirement for ashen hearths has been corrected.
  • Imbued fulginate devout greaves can now be created.
  • Sparkling Cranberry Wine has been converted to Cranberry Cream Liqueur to avoid confusion with the existing Cranberry Sparkling Wine.


Bloodline Chronicles

  • Adventurers may now zone into any of the Tombs of Night and the Crypt of T'Haen zones that a member of the group has access too. Previously, these zones were only accessible if everyone in the group were on the same stage of the quest.
  • Players can now zone into any of the Tombs of Night zones if anyone in their group is on the appropriate quest.


  • New mid-zone respawn locations have been added to Chardok and Sebilis.


Faction merchants in Maj'dul courts are now selling a number of tier 6 Adept III recipe scrolls they were previously missing.

A stacking issue with stealth and group invisibility has been fixed to allow attacking from stealth.

  • Shaman/Druid
    • Spirit of the Wolf will now apply to the entire group within a 50m radius instead of being single target.
  • Shaman
    • Shaman's wolves should now have slightly more health to help their survivability.
  • Fighter
    • Master's Rage will now do a melee attack and debuff the target's defensive skills. It will also give an error if it is not useable on the target like the other archetype's mastery skills. The recast was also lowered to 30 seconds.
  • Berserker
    • The Blood Rage line will not expire until the berserker dies instead of having a 15 minute duration.
  • Scout
    • Sinister Strike should no longer debuff the target if it misses
  • Assassin
    • Fatal Followup should no longer be useable after Sinister Strike.
    • The Hidden Assault line of skills should no longer apply the Damage over Time portion of the attack if the primary melee attack misses.
  • Brigand
    • Safehouse now has a short cast time and can be interrupted.
    • Melee attacks which had secondary effects will no longer apply on a miss.
    • The Dispatch and Rake lines will now hit slightly more often.
  • Enchanter
    • Sever Hate can no longer be used to pull through a crowded area.


  • Assassin
    • Fatal Followup should now work properly in PvP based combat.
  • Swashbuckler
    • Reach will now suspend while in PvP combat.

Zones from previous expansion geared towards level 60 to 70 players no longer have an unlimited level range.

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