As is well known by all SOE employees, MMOs consist of worlds that are living, breathing and ever changing. EQII is no exception! Take a look at this highlight list of fantastic additions and alterations that have come to the game since the beginning of 2008.

These aren't your daddy's EPICS!

New epic quest lines are now available for every class of adventurer and crafter who has reached level 80!

New God Raids!

Three Avatars of the Gods have returned with renewed strength and new members: The Tribunal, Karana and Bertoxxolous!

Fight the Hate!

The Shard of Hate is now open for high level raid groups willing to try their mettle against the Maestro.

The Goblins Strike!

There is a great commotion stirring around Bog Mountain, goblins from all nations appear to be drawn to the halls of Runnyeye Citadel! High level groups can now investigate, should they choose, the new dealings with the goblins in Runnyeye: The Gathering!

"A Prophet Returns"

During "A Prophet Returns" (GU45): A mysterious blight spread across Norrath's cities. The Celestial Watch sought to help those suffering from it while servants of the Plaguebringer basked within their cries.



"Gathering Tempest"


During "Gathering Tempest" (GU46): The ranks of Freeport's Academy of Arcane Science and Qeynos' Concordium were stretched thin as they attempted to investigate the mysterious and dark storms that had erupted across Norrath.

Those wishing to volunteer their services for the investigation were encouraged to speak with the Concordium Pupil Adepts or Academy Apprentices that have been sent all across the world.







New Pet Control and Connection Status windows!

Two new UI windows are available: Pet Options and Connection Status!

New ways to cover your hide in PvP!

PvP armor sets and PvP based writs are now available on the PvP servers.

Is that a bow on your back, or are you just happy to see me?

You can now choose to show off your equipped bow by displaying it in place of your melee weapons!




Who needs to walk when you can ride in STYLE?


Two new armored wargs were discovered. Potential owners should look for the new beasts in Kunark.








Finally, some elbow room!

Additional bank space and new functionality to the shared bank have been added.

A place to hang your hat... and everything else!

Crafters can now make mannequins for displaying armor and weapons in your house.

New streamlined curing ability!


Priest single target cure spells have been combined into one spell named "Cure".

Now even your walls can be decked out in style!

Carpenters, inspired by some of the elaborate cloaks adventurers have discovered, have started learning to create similar tapestries for the home. They have also acquired a few new recipes inspired by Kelethin and Maj'dul craftsmanship.


For a more comprehensive list of all changes and additions to the game please check out the EQII update notes.