How many total characters can I have?
Standard EverQuest II subscribers get a total of 7 character slots, and Station Access subscribers get a total of 12 slots. These characters can be on a single server or spread across multiple servers.

For more information on Station Access and character slots, check out How do I obtain extra character slots in EQII? at the Knowledge Base.

What options do we have at character creation?
When you create your character in EQII you choose your race and gender, customize your features, pick a class, and select a name.


What features am I able to customize?
Our character models have an amazing degree of facial customization. You can change the size and shape of the nose, ears, eyebrows, cheekbones, chin, and more, plus select from a multitude of hair styles and skin tones. Certain male races can select from a wide array of beards, and there are many racially specific customizations as well. For instance, gnomes and ratonga can wear a variety of glasses with tinted lenses. These customization options allow you to create a personalized and recognizable character.


Will I be able to alter my character’s height and weight?
You will be able to adjust your character's height within a limited range. We want to maintain the integrity and distinction of each race, so we don't allow things like giant gnomes or miniature ogres. While people should have fun customizing their characters, we don't want one person's silliness to infringe on someone else's desire for serious gameplay.

Do I customize stats and abilities at character creation?
No, all stat points are assigned for you according to race. Based on your class, additional points are assigned into your stat pools.

Why don't we choose things like our stats and a deity at character creation?
The design of the traditional RPG is heavily front-loaded. You make a ton of choices when you start the game, then really don't decide a lot about your character until much later in its life.

Our goal with EQII is to invert the pyramid. We make character creation as straightforward as possible. You decide basic factors initially, then continue to make progressively more important decisions as you level up. We want the decisions you should really spend time thinking about to happen when you're better prepared to make them.