Treasure of Knowledge!

Are you lacking in Safe Fall skills? If so, here are a few tips on places to practice the art of falling to the ground without dying.

If your bank and bag window sizes are not to your liking, fret no more! You can easily adjust them using the tips in this thread. Now if only that worked for the coin in said bank accounts...


Lore Galore!

It's The Case of the Mysterious Book! Recently a book called The Case of the Suspicious Sarnak Super Soldiers was discovered, and inquiring players would like to know where it comes from. Do you have any info on this new tome? If so, stop by and lend your knowledge to the cause.

Interested in the lore of EQII's dragons? Come get the lowdown on the known history of the residents of Veeshan's Peak.


There's no place like home!

Now here's a creative idea. Dragonhawke has created a unique water feature, complete with a waterfall, rocks and foliage. How beautiful!

Every arasai deserves a luxury bathroom, and Lillaanya has just that! Surely this palatial privy competes with those of Norrath's rich and famous.

When Anasur was comissioned to redecorate a room in Thaevek's home, the place was a mess. Now it's been transformed into a lovely "pillow parlor" for the popular kerra to enjoy and entertain in.

Whatever is a gnome to do with a prize like a boiling cauldron of eyeballs? Why, set up a diversion for hungry trolls, of course! Zelldeb's creative troll-sized feast should keep even the most ravenous gnome munchers busy while you sneak out the back door.

Norrathians have been busy showing off their homes this week! Stop by and take a look at these creative spaces: Luminor's House, Bloodhag's home, Lorelai's Hall, Yelina's Cottage, Sugarina's House, Rhodesian's Manor, Rhianna's Hall, Lupingreybeard's Hall, Borderline's Freeport House, Shya's Longshadow Alley House, The Training Room, Silveri's Qeynos Home, Stari's Freeport Home, Dolente's Home, Neversea's Home, Yile's Gentlemen's Hall, and Zagora's and Crew's houses. Phew!


Did we happen to miss anything of note over this past week of informational or entertaining note? Did you simply want to chat about this recent Treasure Chest? You can do so here in the EQII Official Forums!