If you haven't submitted your Player of the Year candidate yet, don't delay!

Do you know someone who is the poster child for EQII? Someone so dedicated that they walk around bloodshot and sleep deprived in their favorite wrinkled gaming T-shirts and baseball caps (what else would they be wearing?). Someone who goes so above and beyond the call of duty helping other community members in-game, out-of-game and everywhere in-between that they're practically an online Mother Theresa? Well, they just might be the perfect candidate for SOE Player of the Year and we want to know more about them!

Nominate a fellow player (or yourself) by writing a 200 word (or less) letter or role-play story explaining why the person deserves to be an SOE Player of the Year. Optional - you can also include a link to an image (screen capture, artwork, video or photo) with your entry as support for your story but please note that a written submission is still required.

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