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Happy Highest of Silly Days


By: Margaret “Luperza” Krohn


It’s that time of the year again, when Bristlebane brings his eccentric creations to life! Jesters, thieves, bards, and hijinks fans alike can enjoy the festivities surrounding Bristlebane Day until April 10th, 2014 at 11:59PM PDT with a special one-day event on April 1st, 2014, the Highest of Silly Days!

In every home city, one can find convivial affairs and odd gadgets, so check out Antonica, The Commonlands, Darklight Wood, Timorous Deep, Greater Faydark and Frostfang Sea. Also, keep your ears keen to special music, and keep your eyes peeled for special events, especially in the Enchanted Lands, occurring only on the Highest of Silly Days!

What's New in the Marketplace for Bristlebane Day?

While you’re adventuring, don’t forget to do so in style with one of Bristlebane’s new flying Bovochs!



Of course, you can’t just have ONE flying Bovoch! A family is best, so pick up the entire collection of adorable spotted, striped, golden, and speckled baby winged Bovochs!



Now, to finalize that adventurer look while flying on your ever steady Bovoch steed, you’ll need a cloak made by one of the finest Norrathians around, Eden Evergreen! Pick one, two…Heck, get all four if you can’t decide. One of them is bound to call to you. That Nektulous Nights Cape is going to look fantastic on my Shadowknight.



For those of you who are into lawn decor, well my friends, this item might be the perfect piece to finalize your arrangement. Who doesn’t love Odd Avian Ornaments? NEKOZERO, you know us too well!



Once one’s lawn is ready to rock and roll, one must make certain all of their ducks are in a row! Right? Sorry, had to! It would have been a missed opportunity had I not. Now, to get serious on y’all, seriously…You NEED these in your life. Bath Time Buddies are the best, and you can get a whole wooden crate filled with them! 



No need to describe these two items. Everyone needs them. Enough said!



Ever find yourself wanting more cupboard space? Jerry Deschant heard your cries and made something to brighten up your day and organize your housing items. Those trees have a calming effect.



Call me old-fashioned, but these wooden pull toys are too adorable to pass up! You can get them in a variety of animal shapes – ducks, rhinos, lions or elephants. If you can’t decide, maybe try rock paper scissors? If that doesn’t work, buy them all? What could go wrong?



NS6, this is one of my favorites! Wowzer, what an item?! These Red Carpet Stairs will charm and fascinate any guest that visits your abode.



We hope everyone has a blessed Bristlebane Day! Send us photos of your merrymaking on the forums, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus

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