Fippy’s been busy sniffing out information to pass on and has come across the entire schedule! Take a quick look and see what’s happening and when, whether you’re in-person or watching the livestream. You’ll want to time your breaks just right. Don’t miss out on a morsel of the information and fun times! 

The livestream is free for all to watch; however, any digital ticket purchase will grant you TONS of in-game goodies and allow you access to ask questions for the panelists during our livestream. There are only a precious few in-person tickets for sale, so get them while you are still able! An in-person ticket grants you all the on-site rewards and all the top tier digital rewards as well. The last chance for in-person ticket purchases that come with some awesome one-of-a-kind personalized swag items is April 21 at 11:30 p.m. PDT. The sale of in-person tickets without the personalized items will end on May 22 at 11:30 p.m. PDT, so grab one before they run out!

Be sure to also check out on all the good times going on for the Year of Darkpaw: An EverQuest® Celebration.

Without further ado, here’s what we have in store for Fippy Fest, read on for all the details.

Day 1: Dive into the Legacy

Morning: A Legendary Welcome
Kick off your adventure at Fippy Fest by checking in and being guided to our themed welcome area. Here, your journey starts with a delightful breakfast, offering you the unique opportunity to sit down with the game developers and creators. Engage in rich conversations as they share fascinating behind-the-scenes stories and insights and setting the tone for an unforgettable experience. 

Mid-Morning: Celebrate the Milestones
Assemble with fellow enthusiasts at the main stage for an invigorating welcome address. The Fippy Fest overview will highlight the day’s events and offer sneak peeks into upcoming content. Following the opening, join the Memorabilia Signing Party, a perfect opportunity to get your cherished EverQuest items autographed and enhance your collection with personal touches from your favorite creators. Here you will also be gifted two limited run EverQuest and EverQuest II posters that will be perfect for framing and putting on display with all your other at-home collectibles.  

Afternoon: Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Access *
Embark on an In-Person Quest, a thrilling scavenger hunt throughout the venue that reveals hidden lore and secret messages which will culminate in a prize for those who complete it! Then, enjoy a gourmet lunch with the developers and have an opportunity to ask those burning questions and gain insights into the magical world of EverQuest. Post-lunch, we will venture to where the magic is made and enjoy an exclusive studio tour including a viewing of the rare and iconic original Parkinson paintings, revealing the artistic history and evolution of our beloved game.  

Evening: A Night to Remember *
Conclude your full day at a banquet dinner with the developers held at an iconic San Diego venue, celebrating the legacy of EverQuest with fine dining and a celebration for this iconic milestone. End the evening with the distribution of additional one-of-a-kind Year of Darkpaw Celebration memorabilia, to commemorate the anniversaries of EverQuest and EverQuest II

Day 2: The Legacy Continues

Morning: Insights and Revelations
The adventure continues when you arrive at the welcome area, enjoy a second breakfast with developers. As the aroma of coffee fills the air, so will discussions rich with anticipation, offering a deeper glimpse into the hallowed halls of development.  

Mid-Morning to Afternoon: Live and Virtual Enchantment **
Settle in for the Introduction Show, where you’ll be treated to exclusive insights and discussions including "The Making of EverQuest & EverQuest II Expansions" and "The Art of EverQuest", showcasing the craftsmanship and intricate details behind the game’s design. Also, enjoy a segment on "EverQuest Fashion", where we will feature famous wear, followed by an interactive in-game activity designed to engage online attendees who will be playing for a chance to win prizes!

Afternoon: Catered Lunch with Developers
Enjoy a cozy midday feast from one of San Diego’s premiere caterers, while you chat with the EverQuest visionaries. Satisfy your curiosity, seek answers to your most pressing questions, and delve into the deeper mysteries of Norrath! 

Evening: Fireside Chats and Final Farewell **
Wind down with the Super Fan EverQuest and EverQuest II Fireside Chats, intimate sessions with developers discussing fan theories, game evolution, and community stories. The Grand Closing will draw our shared adventure to a close, offering a time for warm farewells and a chance to reflect on the camaraderie and enchanting moments we've experienced together. This final gathering will celebrate the spirit of the festival and the timeless legacy of Norrath that continues to unite us all.  

Exclusive Wrap-Up *
Mark the end of an unforgettable Fippy Fest with a special gathering at a select Brewery Party. Relax and socialize with the creators and like-minded aficionados over a selection of fine craft brews and a laid-back meal. Embrace the warm atmosphere as we bid farewell, reflecting on the unforgettable experiences and lasting bonds formed as the iconic in-person celebration culminates.  

Note: The schedule is subject to change to ensure every moment at Fippy Fest is memorable. Secure your spot in this celebration of legacy and community—experience the world of EverQuest like never before! 

* Transportation provided