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Residents of Antonia Bayle! The fourth annual Faydwer Faire, a player run roleplaying event, is upon us!

Here is a letter from Skyana with more information:

Spring, a time of new beginings, when people emerge from winter's isolation to revel in warming sunshine and the fresh green of the world. Hearts are light, the air is sweet and song fills the air. It is no different in Faydwer and deep in the lush growth that is the forest of Greater Fayedark, the reborn city of Kelethin prepares to celebrate this time of year. The last of Autumn's leaves are swept clear from the platforms, repairs are made from Winter storms and beyond Sapling Spur, the Nursery fills with unfurling blooms.

Queen Amree makes an appearance on her lofty platform, gazing out over the city originally built by the Feir'Dal, the elegant Fae spreads her wings to let the sun warm them. Spring, and even her thoughts are on the Faire, that celebration of survival and hope that so keeps lofty Kelethin alive. "Once more Tunare has blessed and kept us, my people, we should thank her!" She smiles through the expectant hush, knowing that the release of suspense would have her Fae citizens bursting through the trees with excitement. "We shall celebrate with a grand fair, inviting all who desire to join us in a festival of friendship and song!"

Before the last fluttered glimpse of her wings disappears into her grand nutshell, posters bloom over Kelethin, then spread to the far lands proclaiming the Faydwer Faire shall be held the 17, 18 and 19th of this month. All Kelethin would be decorated for the event and people were invited to join the citizens in games, shows, and song.

Won't you join us at the Faire?

faydwer faire flyer

(The annual Faydwer Faire will be held this year from May 17-19 in Kelethin on the Antonia Bayle server. In game please /join Festival and online go to www.faydwerfaire.com for more information about the Faire and scheduled events. This is an open air RP event that is open to everyone and run by the RP community of Antonia Bayle.)