Not every adventure will have you awaken on a pirate ship bound for ports of unknown villainy, but in Kunark Ascending you will find yourself under Captain Zythox's hospitality. Your respite will be brief as you approach the Obulus Frontier.

You'll begin your adventure in Kunark Ascending with The Crusader's Cave, and likely find a few of its volcanic inhabitants less than welcoming. 

A  ruin of a once-great Iksar fort is sitting on the cliffs of Northern Kunark. Twark has been claimed by the Bloody Tooth goblins who will viciously attack unwelcome visitors, so enter only if you dare. 

Named after a Hill Giant general responsible for much of the giants’ success in resisting the Iksarian empire, Warslik's Wood is Kunark's Northernmost forest. Don't let this quiet vegetation fool you; angry Forest giants, Iksar, and other nightmares wander the woods looking for easy prey.

A wonder of both craftsmanship and magic, Nye'Caelona overlooks Warslik's Wood to the west and a beautiful garden east, housing both exotic and deadly species. The presence of both Elves and Mountain Giants shows the tentative mutual respect between these races.  Adventurers will find themselves here to trade, rest, and prepare for their next journey.

Can't wait to make your way to the Obulus Frontier?  Pre-ordering the Kunark Ascending expansion will give you immediate access to the Beta, so you can experience Kunark in a way you never have before!