Hey hey hey, Haaaaail Norrathiaaaaaaans!

It is I, your favorite bard and award winning Editor-in-Chief of Billbard Magazine, Belious Naliedin! We've got a treat of a release for you today. The official soundtrack of the Norrath that you and I love! This album is filled top to bottom with hits. So much so, that this release has bands from all over Norrath clambering to be included in the upcoming tour!

We've been ready to listen to these sweet tunes for a while and now knowing that Chaos Orchestra and Four Steins Shy have given The Official EverQuest II Soundtrack their stamp of approval only makes all of us here at Billbard even more thrilled. 

But "where, oh where can I listen to those soothing melodies and triumphant concertos?" We've listed them below!