EverQuest II is best with friends! Over the course of the next few months, we’ll be bringing players from our EU servers together. We’ll be consolidating servers, as we did with the US servers last year.

We want to wrap this up this spring, and this is the time frame we’re currently working towards:

  • Russian servers (Barren Sky and Harla Dar) are scheduled to be merged with Splitpaw on Thursday, March 31, 2016.
  • By the end of April, we plan to consolidate Splitpaw, Storms, and Valor into a new server!
  • We’ll be merging Sebilis (our Japanese server) into Antonia Bayle. This is scheduled to happen after the EU server consolidation.


Russian characters and guilds on these servers will be required to be renamed into names that work within the English alphabet. In-game text and all support for the game on these servers will be provided in English.

After the merge of our Russian servers (Barren Sky and Harla Dar), you may see strange symbols or boxes when looking at the list of homes to visit, the location of items on the broker, or players in your guild. This will be the case while these characters are being renamed into names that work within the English alphabet.

Players should pick up soulbound (NoTrade) items from shared housing (such as Guild Halls) BEFORE the merge. This will prevent losing ownership of placed items during this merge.

We’re happy that our EverQuest II players will continue to have a home as they continue their adventures in Norrath. We appreciate your continued support!




Q: What are the differences between a server merge and a server consolidation?

A: During a server merge, all characters will move from one server to another. During a server consolidation, all characters will move to a new server together.

Q: How will we be able to retain names if others have the same name?

A: In the event of duplicate character names during a server consolidation, priority will be given to the character who has logged in to the game within the past sixty (60) days. If multiple characters have logged in within the past sixty (60) days, then the character which was created first will retain their name. Other same-named characters will have an "X" (or several) added to their names automatically until their name is unique. Each player that is auto-renamed this way will get a rename potion to change their name.

Q: If my character’s name is taken or modified, will I be able to pick a new name?

A: Yes, every character that is automatically renamed will be granted a rename token to use at your convenience.

Q: Will there be any elimination of characters altogether based on level, cash reserves, etc.?

A: No, there will be no elimination of characters.

Q: Should we clear our mailboxes out before the consolidation happens?

A: Mail will get transferred over to the new servers.

Q: What about the names of my pet and mercenaries?

A: Pets and mercenaries who have names using non-English letters have been renamed to default pet and mercenary names. They will need to be renamed to names using letters from the English alphabet.

Q: Will we get free character transfers?

A: After this transition, this EU server will be the place where EU players have the best play experience. Since this server is local to our EU players, we’re not doing free transfers between US and EU servers. Most EU players will lag more or experience higher rates of ping if they choose to play on US servers.


Q: Should I take the things I have in the bank or shared bank out?

A: There is no need to take anything out of the bank or shared bank. They'll all be transferred completely.

Q: Will the shared bank stay behind, attached to its original server, like in previous server shutdowns or with other character transfers?

A: This server consolidation will not behave like a character transfer nor will it behave like a server closing. We have been working for more than a year to implement all of the underlying technology that will enable us to bring over all of the data, as well as smooth out the server consolidation process.

Housing and Player-Designed Dungeons

Q: I don’t see my home on the leaderboard! What do I do?

A: We’ll be unpublishing houses and clearing out leaderboards when naming character sets are incompatible with each other, such as when Barren Sky and Harla Dar merge into Splitpaw. You’ll need to publish your house again so other players can visit your home!

Q: Does housing stuff all have to be packed into the moving crate for each house? Will housing templates be saved? (How do you do that? I forget!)

A: We are not planning any loss of anything in these consolidations. It's always good to save your housing templates, however it will not be required. Tip: go to your house, open the house window, and hit save. It'll prompt you for a template name, enter one, and then click Okay.

Q: I have numerous dungeons that are used for storage for my decorating items. Will we need to move items from dungeons to a house prior to consolidation?

A: No need, they'll all get moved to the new server.

Q: I and several friends HAVE done character moves and had published houses disappear, dungeons go missing along with content, random house items go missing, and anything in the bank gone. How will this server consolidation be different?

A: As mentioned above this is a completely separate process and not tied into our current character transfer system. We are considering converting our current character transfer system to using this process once the server consolidations have completed.

Q: Will paid house rent transfer?

A: Yes.

Q: Will depots transfer?

A: Yes, personal as well as guild depots will transfer.

Q: Will player written books and housing trophies be safe in your house, or should we move them to our bags/bank/house vault?

A: They will be safe in the houses.

Q: Will housing trophies still have our house info and date obtained on them, or will they now be blank?

A: They will still have your house info and date obtained.

Q: Are objects in our moving crates safe?

A: Yes.

Q: What if we've used a house item expander? Will our expanded items be safe?

A: Yes.

Q: Is it safe to assume that the files in our saved house layouts within the EQII folders will be preserved?

A: Yes they'll still be there. Just remember to not delete them off your hard drive.

Q: Do we need to empty house vaults?

A: No.


Q: What happens to items that I own, but I’ve placed in my Guild Hall?

A: Players should pick up soulbound (NoTrade) items from shared housing (such as Guild Halls) BEFORE the merge. This will prevent losing ownership of placed items during this merge.

Q: Should I be emptying my guild hall office so I don't lose the furniture I crafted and placed there?

A: No, all guilds and guild halls will be moved onto the same server. All housing will be moved as well.

Q: If our names change, how will the members of our guild know who we are? How will the guild still be together if everyone is renamed?

A: In the guild roster everyone will keep their notes, rank, and anything else tied to that character. If a character is renamed it will be automatically updated in the guild rosters. All characters that are auto-renamed will have the option to do a free name change. If the free name change is used it will automatically update the name in the guild roster as well.

Q: How will you handle guild names?

A: Guilds on these servers will be required to be renamed into names that work within the English alphabet. If a guild is spelled with letters that don’t work in the English alphabet, the guild will be given a temporary name of Roman numerals, and the guild will be given a free guild name change. If two or more guilds have the same name at the time of the server consolidation, the oldest guild will keep the guild name, and we will append "X" to other guilds with a conflicting name. If this happens to your guild, you will be offered a free guild name change.

If you have a free guild name change, to select a new guild name the leader from a guild can use the command /guild rename <name>

If there is no leader in your guild, /initiate_guild_leader_vote can be used by guild officers to help guilds choose a new leader.

Q: Will any guilds be deleted?

A: Guilds will not be deleted during server merges or consolidations.