Mercenaries provide a wide range of utility in your day-to-day adventures, and they look awesome doing it too! Get some help today by hiring one, or many, of these mercenaries!

There is a chance at one of the following Mercenaries per crate.

  • Common Mercs
    • Merrick Flintknuckle 
    • Levelly Perryn 
    • Attriza Calico 
    • Deralar Wildleaf 
  • Uncommon Mercs
    • Lobelia Stokeflaggel 
    • Oracle Zendica 
    • Zo’Gaka 
    • Shapash Talmil 
  • Rare Mercs
    • Arlon Thornblade 
    • Flydia Snotrot 
    • Zunimosso 
    • Oyida 
  • Ultra Rare Mercs
    • Construct of Contention 
    • Construct of Discipline 
    • Construct of Malady 
    • Construct of Annihilation 

Some of the Season VII Mercenaries available in the crate.

These crates are available in the Marketplace beginning today! Don't miss out! Be sure to get the mercs you want out of these crates will before they are added into the Norrathian Vault.

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