You’ve heard rumors of the depths of corruption in your travels, you have yet to witness it first-hand…until now. A new chapter opens today that will surely challenge those with even the hardest of hearts and nerves of steel.  

  • Zimara Breadth: Crested Expanse [Raid]
    • Deep within the hills of the breadth a powerful creature has laid claim to the Islets bent on keeping the area for his own machinations! Do you have what it takes to rid the breadth of this new foe? We shall see. 

Gather your forces and keep your wits about you adventurer! How can such atrocities be allowed to persist? With you on the case, it is only a matter of time until it ends…one way or another. Only the bravest of the brave will survive. Best of luck coming out unscathed! 

More to come in February. Stay tuned! 

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