June has arrived and with it comes vacation time. That is the perfect time to jump in the game to do some crafting, leveling, or adventuring. Speaking of gameplay, check out all the things going on this month. 

Our giveaway item for June is a Baby Fire Dragon Plushie named Scorch the Scintillating! You can get this little dragon plushie for your in-game house for FREE in the Marketplace, but only until the end of the month. Be sure to grab it on all your characters.

Scorch the Scintillating

Our Limited-Edition Item this month is Scorch the Scintillating baby fire dragon pet! This spicy little dragon can be found in the Marketplace until the end of the month. Did you miss out on some of the previous items? Well fret not, they are available for purchase until the end of the year! 

For our Tradeskillers out there, complete several questlines to unlock recipes and earn an Achievement!

Starting Monday, June 3rd, you can find the Herald of Mithaniel Marr <Avatar of Valor> in the Commonlands. Then in the middle of the month, find the Herald of Anashti Sul <Avatar of Death> in The Sinking Sands. Defeat the Avatars and gather up some Divine loot to earn some Achievements.

Herald of Mithaniel Marr<Avatar of Valor>

Herald of Anashti Sul<Avatar of Death>

While you’re running all over Norrath, be sure to check in with Darkpaw Celebrator Katrynn in North Qeynos or the Freeport Docks to see the items unlocked for the month. 

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