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Year of EverQuest Pack - Updated


Year of EverQuest Pack

Just in case you missed it this weekend, remember the Year of EverQuest Pack ($60 value) is here and at a lower introductory price of $19.99 (regular price $34.99). This launch discount will last now last through August. The pack includes 1 of each item listed below, many of which are Heirloom (i.e. can be traded to other characters on your account). The pack can be purchased multiple times per account.

  • Year of EverQuest Painting (Heirloom) - A special painting commemorating 20 years of EverQuest games.
  • Flame-Branded Steed (Heirloom)- A fiery flying mount. 
    • Will be updated in our next patch to function as an appearance and as a house item. 
  • Year of EverQuest Backpack (Heirloom) - A 66 slot appearance backpack.
  • Year of EverQuest Merchant Crate (Heirloom) - A 100-slot vendor crate that completely eliminates broker fees.
  • Journeyman's Boots of Adventure - Boots grant an additional 15% movement speed boost that stacks on top of your current run, mount, or flying speed! Note: On PvP servers this effect is replaced with a 10% guild status bonus.
  • EverVital Vitality Vial - A vial granting full Adventure/Trade Skill Vitality and a 2-hour 100% XP buff.
  • Extra Barding Slot - Unlocks a barding slot on a mount (unavailable on TLEs).


Get your Year of EverQuest Pack now!


Year of EverQuest Painting 

Flame-Branded Steed 

Year of EverQuest Backpack 

Year of EverQuest Merchant Crate


The Year of EverQuest Pack will revert to its full price of $34.99 on July 1, 2019. 

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