The Year of Darkpaw: An EverQuest® Celebration will start with Masquerades of Divinity where heralds to the Avatars of the Gods will make an appearance in various areas across Norrath. These heralds can be aided to help bring forth the Avatars themselves to be challenged as part of the celebration. These Avatars include familiar forms you have seen in the past, as well as some that have never been challenged. A new herald will appear at the beginning and at the middle of each month, two different heralds will appear every month up until September, and other surprises to be revealed. Completing tasks/missions will progress the Avatar’s camp, which needs to be max level to call forth the Avatar. Challenging these avatars can garner unique and powerful weapons to be earned. Don’t miss out on buying the ability to teleport to each celebration camp directly! This ability can be bought at each camp and is only available for the first month that Avatar’s camp is active.

Starting January 1, find the Herald of the Fathom Lord within Mystic Lake. Then in the middle of January find the Herald of the Wintry Guardian in Everfrost.

Challenge the depths with Tarew Marr, the Avatar of Water

Shatter all boundaries taking on E'Ci, the Avatar of Ice

Also in January, we have the following, but be quick because these will disappear on January 31st!

January's Giveaway Item: Maxembert the Feisty, a pet

For our first giveaway of the year, take a look at this adorable pet: Maxembert the Feisty. You can find them for FREE from the marketplace though January 31. Pick up one for all your characters!

Already have Maxembert as a pet? Then commemorate it with a plushie for your house! January's Limited Edition Item is a Plushie of Maxembert! Be sure to get it from the Marketplace before the end of January!

January's Bonus! Giveaway Item: White Lacquer Bedroom Furniture, a furniture bundle

Oh, what's this? For January, as a bonus, we're also giving away this premium White Lacquer Bedroom Furniture bundle. Use it to spruce up your primary bedroom, guest bedroom, or whatever you may have!

Look for these special collections with a unique take on the "shiny"

There are five collections which will reward you upon completion with some Year of Darkpaw Doubloons. Also coming this month will be Achievements to earn for defeating Avatars, completing missions for the Avatar camps, looting divine items and more! And as for Missions, every reset, players will be presented with one randomly from a pool of available missions! There is also a Year of Darkpaw: Celebration Contribution daily mission available to everyone (including pure crafters and rp'ers) starting at level 5 which can be picked up from any of the Avatar camps and pays out some Year of Darkpaw Doubloons! While there is a book in the avatar mission camps, right now, be on the lookout for more "squishie friendly" locations from which to obtain this daily. Ballads of Zimara tradeskill dailies will also offer Darkpaw Doubloons.

In all that adventuring don't forget to visit Darkpaw Celebrator Katrynn in North Qeynos and at the Freeport Docks to look at all the things now available! Each month more items will unlock on this vendor that will be available from unlock point until the end of the year. Included amidst her offerings will be new Mirage items, which are back slot appearance-only versions of some of the more popular pack and quiver appearances. No longer will players have to stress about using their favorite appearance backpack versus a pack with more storage space.

Merchant Katrynn

We also have some social media contests, events, and more beginning later this month! Practice using #yearofdarkpaw now as you will need it later! Be sure to keep an eye on all our social media platforms and forums to get some goodies and fun times throughout 2024!

If you are just joining the EverQuest franchise family, or are coming back to us, take a peek at this nifty guide on how to get started, or catch up, in EverQuest II!

This is only the beginning of what will be a stellar year that we have planned for you all for the Year of Darkpaw: An EverQuest® Celebration!

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