Today, we're introducing Welcome Windfall Crates! Two types will be available for free to players upon logging into game. Let's go over what they are and what they contain:

Welcome Windfall Crate. Each character will have this crate added to their inventory upon login.

  • Veridian Horned Dragon Vanguard Crate (appearance armor)
  • Mercenary Unlock Scroll
  • 5x Portable Translocation Device
  • 5x Portable Circle of Growth

Welcome Windfall Subscriber Crate*. Each subscriber account will have this added to their /claim when they log in, and may only be claimed once per account.

  • Dreamdash Clothwork Pegasus (mount; requires level 120 for stat bonuses)
  • Vah Shir Heritage Bundle (5-pack)
  • Welcome Windfall Overseer Crate

Both crates will be available starting today and ending on June 20, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

These are our gifts to you for being part of our community. Again, we can't thank you enough for being so passionate and dedicated to EverQuest II!

*Welcome Windfall Subscriber Crate requires an active All Access membership to be granted. If you do not have an active membership, you may subscribe at or consume a Krono.


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