While in Unrest, with his collection of valuable artifacts in hand, Doctor Arcana opened a teleporter to Ultera on his way to Nektulos Forest. Utter chaos follows as he’s subjected to a space being rendered apart before his very eyes! In the next vital few minutes, he focuses intently on his new destination, and it finally comes into view as he spills into Nektulos! He steps through the portal and quickly shuts it behind him, but he is without his collection.

This is where you, the hero of the story, comes in! Venture forth into the unknown and help Doctor Arcana get his precious artifacts away from the hordes guarding them. You will need to hop from island to island to find them, but this is no easy feat as there are scores of monsters laying claim to his belongings. These monsters give new meaning to the term heavy metal! Can the music soothe the savage beast and see you home safely, or will the mosh pit of destruction end you once and for all?

Shattered Overture Key Art

Here is what you can explore and discover in our latest Game Update: 

  • Final enhancements for Miracula Weapons
  • 2 New Solo Dungeons
    • Shattered Unrest [Solo]
    • Imprinted Memory: Origins of the Felfeather [Solo]
  • 2 New Heroic Dungeons
    • Shattered Unrest [Heroic I], [Heroic II], [Heroic III]
    • Imprinted Memory: Origins of the Felfeather [Heroic]
  • 15 New Collections
    • 7 Solo Shattered Unrest Collections
    • 7 Heroic shattered Unrest Collections
    • 1 Meta Shattered Unrest Collection
  • 7 New Missions
    • Solo
      • 5 New Shattered Unrest Daily Solo Missions
      • 2 New Shattered Unrest Weekly Solo Missions
    • Heroic
      • 5 New Shattered Unrest Daily Heroic Missions
      • 2 New Shattered Unrest Weekly Heroic Missions
  • New Achievements

Shattered Overture Trailer

That is not all going on, however. Fractured Skies, the expansion prelude, has also started and will be going until the launch of the next expansion. Chunks of broken land have fallen just off the coasts of the Shattered Lands and originated from The Overrealm. Some investigation might be necessary, so be sure to head there and check it out!

Various items available in the new, Fractured Skies, expansion prelude!

Note: The content in Shattered Overture will be level 125 and you will need Renewal of Ro to play, while Fractured Skies is available to all levels of players. 

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