Now that you’ve had a chance to brave The Hunt and The Standing Storm, a new chapter opens today that will surely challenge the best among you. Welcome to The Boundless Gulf!

  • Takish Badlands: The Boundless Gulf
    • Fresh off the events in the Takish Arena, mysterious flora and fauna have begun to sprout up all over the Boundless Gulf of the Takish Badlands. New enemies have arrived to tap into this potential new source of power. Encounter wondrous creatures and terrifyingly humongous overgrowths as you and your allies battle your way through the depths of the gulf and come fist to face with a new foe who commands unbound power. Takish Badlands: The Boundless Gulf [Raid] holds six new bosses including five Tier 3 Raid encounters and one Tier 4 Raid encounter. Entrance requires having defeated all bosses within Raj'Dur Plateaus: The Hunt [Raid] and Sandstone Delta: The Standing Storm [Raid].

Takish Badlands: The Boundless Gulf unlocked today once maintenance ended and is now open. Still more to come in March so stay tuned!


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