As many of you already know, Daybreak Games is fortunate to have Planetside 2 by Rogue Planet Games as part of our larger family. We here at Darkpaw Games now feel it is time to merge EverQuest II with Planetside 2, thus ushering in a whole new era of weapon options, adornments, and, of course, characters. Think of this as Planetside 2 stepping back in time while we here in Norrath step forward in time. From here on out, you’ll enjoy the ability to swap out your mace for a VE-H Maw to take down foes from across the zone. Can’t finish off that raid boss quick enough? No worries! Switch to the LC2 Lynx for instant satisfaction and deadly results.

Clearly, moving forward in this new age, the limitations for your character’s success will be purely based on your imagination and how far you can take it. From now on, nothing can stand in your way from becoming the most legendary Norrathian of all time.

EQII’s merge with PS2 will begin today. Best of luck out there! *pew pew*


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