Get on your adventurin’ boots and dust off your gear! Mysteries, madness, and hate have arrived, and have brought darkness along for the journey! Will you be the hero to heed the call and save Norrath from the clutches of ruthless evil and those seeking to plunge it into darkness?

The following expansions will unlock for all players:

  • Terrors of Thalumbra
    • Journey deep below Norrath, to the edge of the Plane of the Underfoot, to unravel the mysteries that await.
    • Level 100 adventurers are to speak with Virun D'Xyafin in Neriak or Dangle Springbolt in Greater Faydark to begin their adventures into the dangerous lands far below.
    • Check out the Official Trailer and article about the expansion.
  • Kunark Ascending
    • Journey to Obulus Frontier in North Kunark and adventure through areas both familiar and undiscovered as you attempt to protect the last Chaos Stone from Lanys’ evil clutches!
    • Level 100 adventurers should be on the watch for a message from Alwenielle, Queen of Maldura, concerning an imminent threat.
    • Check out the Official Trailer and article about the expansion.
  • Planes of Prophecy
    • Get ready to venture into the Planes of Power as you attempt to become the hero that will save Norrath from an untimely end!
    • Level 100 adventurers can begin their treacherous journey through the Celestial Planes of Power via the Ulteran teleportation spires found throughout Norrath. Let it transport you to the Plane of Magic, where you will find Aunsellus Tishan, the famed magician.
    • Check out the Official Trailer and article about the expansion.

This will include the unlocking of the following features:

  • Level cap increased to 110
    • Level-up to extraordinary heights to unlock untapped power.
  • Tradeskill level cap increased to 110
    • Get more adornments to craft, as well as new Tinkering recipes!
  • Level-agnostic dungeons
    • Heroic, Event, Solo, Duo, and Raid Dungeons to crawl through!
  • Epic 2.0s
  • Soulbound weapons which can be level-up to become even more powerful.
  • Access deity abilities for when you need a bit of divine intervention!
  • Ascension classes
    • Ascension classes are Elementalist, Etherealist, Geomancer, and Thaumaturgist.
    • To obtain the Ascension quest, visit the Obulus Frontier and speak with one of the four masters.
  • Six wardrobe slots
  • Mercenary Training
    • Train your mercenaries and unlock extra equipment slots!

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