First, let’s start by wishing EverQuest a Happy Anniversary! 24 years . . . can you believe it?! So many great years of adventuring and they are still going strong. Congrats! Second, we can’t let everyone playing EverQuest have all the fun on this momentous occasion, can we? Nope! And so the Chronoportal Phenomenon has returned offering EverQuest II players a chance to relive and experience EQ right here in EQII. Once again, Norrathians can interact with Chronomancers in order to “go back” and take on their favorite encounters and to relive moments they previously enjoyed.

Let’s take a peek at what’s new for this year’s event:

  • Live servers
    • New Achievement
      • Time Saver
    • 8 new quests! - Recover lost Age of Destiny items in Portal to the Past zones.
      • A Cameo Out of Time
      • A Decree Out of Time
      • A Locket Out of Time
      • A Map Out of Time
      • A Wand Out of Time
      • A Medallion Out of Time
      • A Tome Out of Time
      • Pottery Out of Time
    • Erben Delki, the Chronoportal merchant in The Chronoweave, is now selling the following new items:
      • Glory of The Truthbringer
      • Innovative Defender
      • The Remains of Guk
      • Towering Cold
      • Opposition
      • Hanging Frost-rimed Brazier
      • Cold Marble Icy Blades Rack
      • Cold Marble Icy Spears Rack
      • Zordakalicus Ragefire Plushie
      • Venril Sathir Plushie
      • Desert Mummy Plushie
  • Special Rules servers
    • Tarinax & Varsoon - Overseer quests, event merchant, Portals to the Past: Qeynos Hills, Plains of Karana, Qeynos Ruins, Steamfont, Nagafen's Lair, and Southern Desert of Ro can all be found in The Chronoweave for you!
    • Kaladim & Kael Drakkel servers - The entire event is active, with the exception of Beyond the Shimmering Portal, Miragul's Madness, and the Fabled zones, due to their level.

New Items for 2023

That’s not all! If you need a personal “Chronoportal” to go back and earn rewards for previous year’s events, you can do that too. Here are this year’s returning features:

  • Returning dungeons, where one can encounter such infamous antagonists as Fippy Darkpaw, Quillmane, Pyzjin, and more!
    • Miragul's Madness [Heroic] and [Solo]
    • Portal to the Past dungeons
    • Portal to the Past Fabled dungeons
  • Returning achievements:
    • Time Traveler
  • Returning Collection:
    • Elements of Time
  • Returning overseer quests
    • Offered by Zendiel in The Chronoweave
      • Chrono Escape - Stop the Clockwork
      • Chrono Escape - Mummy Dearest
      • Chrono Escape - Upper Hand
  • Returning quests:
    • Camping the AC! – Public quest in 'Portal to the Past: Southern Desert of Ro
      • New rewards added to the PQ!
        • Level 120+ loot
        • Age of Turmoil Painting Choice
          • Gates of Discord
          • Perilous Scars of Velious
          • Shadows of Luclin
          • Lost Dungeons of Norrath - New for 2023!
    • Beyond the Shimmering Portal offered by Sorsaadh in The Chronoweave
      • New reward choice added for 2023!
        • Petamorph Wand: Molkar Brute
    • Hunt the Past - Repeatable, once per year
  • The Chronoportal merchants, Erben and Distun Delki, relocate themselves to The Commonlands and Antonica for a time, after the event is concluded.

The Chronoportal Phenomenon event starts on March 3, 2023, at 12:01 a.m. PST and will end on March 16, 2023, at 11:00 p.m. PDT.

Yup, lots to do! Let’s show EverQuest the love this year (while also earning some cool loot and a chunk of change to boot). Here’s to another 24 to come!


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