Every year as we enter the season of Growth, Tunare whispers to the animals of the forest to let them know that the Spring season is arriving. In their bubbling excitement, the animals will behave exuberantly as they await the gifts of nature that come to them during the season of renewal.

During this time, the excitable critters sometimes leave gifts for the realm of man as a way to share their joy in the coming of spring. You can be a part of these seasonal celebrations through Thursday, April 25, 2019 at 11:59 PM!

Beast'r Egg

At the height of the spring excitement, Beast’r Eggs begin to hatch, ready explore the world around them. If you spot an egg hidden somewhere in Norrath, be sure to interact with it so that the excitable egg can become your newest pet!

All Beast'r Eggs

There are 11 different Beast’r Eggs that you can find, and each one is painted in its own special way! 

This year, you can also fill your Beast'r basket with these fantastic new features:

New Items:

  • Beast'r Eggschangers will have 6 new items up for trade, including baskets of Beast'r Eggs and an assortment of faun plushies!

New Collection:

  • Colorful Egg Shells: Complete this collection, and you'll earn an egg-cellent reward!


TLE Server Features:

  • On Fallen Gate, you can enjoy Beast'r in full!
  • If you're playing on Kaladim, you'll have to wait for the Beast'r celebrations to hatch in the future - the event will not be available.


Happy hunting, Norrathians! We hope you have an eggs-cellent Beast'r holiday.