UPDATE: Cosplay will still be a big part of our Year of Darkpaw celebration but for now, we have decided to cancel this contest to focus our resources on other events and initiatives we planned throughout the year.

Unleash Your Creativity in The Year of Darkpaw: An EverQuest® Celebration: Join the Fippy Fest Cosplay Competition!

This year, as we usher in the "Year of Darkpaw", we're celebrating more than just the anniversaries of EverQuest® at 25 glorious years and EverQuest® II at 20 amazing years. We're celebrating a legacy of adventure, community, and creativity that has thrived for decades. Fippy Fest embodies this spirit, bringing together fans from across the world in a showcase of creativity and passion. A cosplay competition that's open to all who dare to dream and create. Whether you're a crafting novice or an expert artisan, this competition is your stage to shine and share your talent with the community.

About the Competition

A Tribute to the "Year of Darkpaw"

The "Year of Darkpaw" marks a significant milestone in our journey together. It's a celebration of the stories, battles, and camaraderie that have defined our experiences. In honor of this, the Fippy Fest cosplay competition invites you to bring your most cherished characters and moments to life.

Dive Into the Celebration

The competition gears up with pre-judging one week before Fippy Fest, ensuring every entry receives the attention it deserves. The grand announcement of winners will light up the Fippy Fest livestream on June 15th. Compete for a share of the $5,000 prize pool across three tiers: Expert, Artisan, and Novice, each designed to welcome cosplayers of varying skills and experiences.

Dive Deep into the Rules: The Essence of Fair Play and Creativity

As we embark on this grand celebration of the "Year of Darkpaw" through Fippy Fest, it’s paramount that our journey together is guided by a spirit of fairness, respect, and boundless creativity. To ensure that our cosplay competition is a beacon of these values, here are the key guidelines all adventurers must follow:

  • Age of Adventure: Only those 18 and older can embark on this quest, bringing their creativity and passion to the forefront.
  • Journey’s Preparations: Every contestant must present their arsenal of materials for judging, ensuring they stand ready for the competition’s scrutiny.
  • Craftsmanship’s Rubric: Each entry will be evaluated against a comprehensive rubric, highlighting the skill, dedication, and spirit imbued in every piece.
  • Family-Friendly Frontiers: Our adventure is for all to enjoy. Ensure your cosplay respects this ethos with appropriate coverage, steering clear of offensive language, excessive violence, or any form of nudity. We trust you to wield your judgment wisely, crafting your attire to honor the spirit of inclusivity.
  • Artisan’s Honor: To stand among the celebrated, at least 75% (90% for the Expert tier) of your costume must spring from your own creativity and craftsmanship. While enlisting a friend’s aid is welcome, commissioned or purchased elements must play but a minor role. Any sign of dishonesty will see a hero’s journey end prematurely.
  • Champions and Companions: Should you choose a companion to showcase your work, make their role known in your saga’s submission.
  • Judges’ Wisdom: The esteemed judges hold the authority to reassign your place among the tiers, ensuring each competitor faces their match in skill and experience.
  • Echoes of Triumph: Only new creations will be celebrated; past victories in EverQuest realms will not join this year's contest.
  • A Respectful Celebration: Let your creativity shine without resorting to modern jests, controversies, or disparaging symbols.
  • Knighthood of Kindness: Valor and respect shall be your shields. Bullying and unkind acts will see a knight expelled from the festivities.

The Tiers of Triumph

Embark on the path that best suits your level of craft and experience:

  • Novice Tier ($450 Prize Pool): Open the gates to those setting foot on this path for the first time or who have yet to claim a victory. Here, 75% of your attire must be wrought by your own hands.
  • Artisan Tier ($1,050 Prize Pool): For the journeyman with a small trove of accolades (1-3 awards), continue to hone your skills with 75% of your costume handcrafted.
  • Expert Tier ($3,500 Prize Pool): The summit calls for those with a storied past in cosplay (3+ awards), demanding 90% of your creation to be of your own making.

Your quest begins now. Prepare your materials, summon your muse, and let the essence of the "Year of Darkpaw" guide your hands and heart. This is more than a competition; it’s a celebration of our collective spirit, creativity, and the adventures that await at Fippy Fest.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q: Can I participate if part of my costume is not completely handmade?
    • A: Yes, as long as no more than 25% of your costume is bought or commissioned. We encourage you to modify and personalize these pieces significantly.
  • Q: How do I know which tier to enter?
    • A: Choose the tier that best matches your experience and past achievements in cosplay. Don't worry if you're unsure; the judges can help place you in the right tier.
  • Q: Are group entries allowed?
    • A: Yes, group entries are welcome! If someone else is modeling your work, just make a note of it in your submission.
  • Q: What criteria are used for judging the costumes?
    • A: Judges will look at craftsmanship, authenticity, and adherence to the "family-friendly" guideline, celebrating the essence of the "Year of Darkpaw" and Fippy Fest.
  • Q: Do I need to be present at Fippy Fest to participate or win?
    • A: No. Judging will happen prior to Fippy Fest with winners announced during our Livestream at Fippy Fest.
  • Q: Can I participate if I am not in the United States?
    • A: Unfortunately, this is not an option at this time.


As we come together to celebrate the "Year of Darkpaw," Fippy Fest is not just a gathering; it's a tribute to the legacy and future of our beloved community. Through the cosplay competition, we invite you to explore your creativity, share your passion, and join in the festivities. Whether you're channeling the heart of a hero or the cunning of a villain, your journey and your creations are what make this celebration truly special. Gear up, get crafting, and let's make this year's Fippy Fest a memorable ode to the spirit of adventure that unites us all!