Yun Zi's final Days of Summer quest is here, Norrathians! Head on over to the Sundered Frontier to offer Yun Zi one last helping paw - you'll be scouring the seas for him this week. Completing Yun Zi's last quest will get you the Primus of Tol'Ren, an Acension Focus Rune: Ascendants Grace, a breastplate, the Days of Summer Decoration Pack #9, and the highly-coveted Mara Estate Home!

Days of Summer Decoration Pack 9

In order to complete the merchant's last quest, you'll have to make sure you've already finished all of his previous quests!

Find that you've fallen behind in your summer questing? The ambling tradesbear Yun Zi will be sticking around as the seasons change, so you'll be able to catch up and earn your rewards the next time you pay him a visit!


Head on out there, adventurer - Yun Zi might be sticking around, but summer surely isn't!