By: Erin Oakley

Brewday is here, and Norrathians everywhere are raising a stein to honor Brell!  If the parties in the cities just aren’t enough, maybe you could host a Brewday shindig of your own?  This Marketplace update has everything you need to celebrate in style:


Lion’s Head Pub:

True Brewday devotees keep the party going all year long, and this beautiful set by Neko Zero has everything you need to run your own pub!  Pick up the Lion’s Head Cabinet, Pub Stool, Counter, and Tap separately or in a bundle to create a custom setup for your home or guildhall.


Brew Barrel Baby Bed:

Jerry Dechant’s cute crib is perfect for a new addition to the family (or a Dwarf that’s had one too many.)


Wood Inlaid Living Room Tables:

Festive and functional, this trio of tables by Jerry Dechant double as game boards for checkers or backgammon.


Mahogany Coach Serving Cart:

Serve your Brewday beers in style with this elegant cart by Jerry Dechant.


Brasse’s Golden Brandy:

We’re not quite sure how IceSy Designs managed to get ahold of Brasse’s best brandy, but this Dwarven-inspired set is a must have for any true Brewday devotee!


You can preview and purchase all of these items using the in-game Marketplace. Brewday runs from March 6th through the 17th, so be sure to log in today!