What kind of bag do you need for school, or after school? There’s a lot of learning that needs to be done this year, in-game and out, and who are we put an obstacles in the way of your education?

You probably need a little something extra to properly prepare for your upcoming “classwork” (and by “classwork” we mean reading up on the next EverQuest II expansion, Tears of Veeshan). We recommend getting a big bag to put all of your school supplies…or just regular supplies in. Like, a “Really Big Bag.”

Really Big Bag

Since it’s likely that you or someone you know will need Really Big Bags to make the most of their education, we’re going to make things even easier for everyone this weekend. Until 10:00AM PDT on Monday, August 26, 2013, you can get a 50-slot Really Big Bag in the Marketplace for 500 SC. Pick up these sizable bags while they’re available – it’s what smart people do!