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Stock up on Station Cash to get the latest in-game items in the Marketplace! The EQII Marketplace is where you'll get the latest mounts, potions and equipment.

*Plus any applicable taxes


1. What is Station Cash®?

Station Cash is Sony Online Entertainment's virtual currency that players can buy to fund their virtual wallet. Once a wallet has been funded, Station Cash can be used to purchase premium in-game items through the in-game Marketplace in many SOE games.

2. Which games accept Station Cash?

Station Cash can be used to buy in-game items in the following SOE games: Everquest®, Everquest II, Everquest II Extended, PoxNora®, DC Universe™ Online, Star Wars®: Clone Wars Adventures™, Free Realms®, Magic: The Gathering – Tactics®, and Pirates of the Burning Sea®.

Station Cash can be used to buy optional memberships in the following games; Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures, Free Realms, Pirates of the Burning Sea, and Everquest II Extended.

3. What is a wallet?

A wallet is a place for players to store their Station Cash for purchases now and in the future. When a player purchases Station Cash, it is placed in their wallet and will be available for in-game and membership purchases. Your wallet can be accessed from your Station Account.

4. How do I fund my wallet with Station Cash?

Station Account holders can fund their wallet in most games, or from their Station Account.

In game, go to the Marketplace and click on "Add Funds" or "Add Station Cash" and follow the on-screen instructions.

To fund from your Station Account, login to your account, click on 'Station Cash Balance' on the Account Management screen and follow the instructions to 'Add Funds'.

Occasionally, SOE may gift Station Cash to valued players or as part of promotional efforts. Any gifts of Station Cash will also be added to the player's wallet.

5. How do I make item purchases once my wallet has been funded?

Go to "Main Menu" and click on "Marketplace". From here, players can select from a list of available items and select a quantity for each. A player's Station Cash balance is also displayed here.

6. Can I use my Station Cash in any game that accepts Station Cash?

Yes, your Station Cash purchase is tied to your account. For example, if you were to redeem a Free Realms Pre-Paid Game Card for 1000 Station Cash, that Station Cash would also be redeemable for items in the EQ and EQII Marketplace.

7. Is Station Cash refundable?

Station Cash is non-refundable.

8. Is Station Cash transferable?

Station Cash is non-transferable.

9. Are there limits as to how much Station Cash I can purchase, and how much Station Cash I can have in my wallet?

Yes. You'll be notified by our system if you exceed our preset limits.

10. How can I pay for my Station Cash?

SOE currently accepts the following methods of payment: Credit Card (VISA, AMEX, DISCOVER), PayPal, and SMS.

11. What if I don't want to buy Station Cash online?

SOE Pre-Paid Game Cards are available at retail shops throughout the world. These cards can be purchased using cash or other payment methods accepted by those retailers and redeemed either in-game or at For information on where to buy SOE Pre-Paid Game Cards, click here.

12. Can I pay for my monthly subscription with Station Cash?

No, monthly subscriptions cannot be purchased with Station Cash, however, optional memberships in SOE free-to-play games (Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures, Free Realms, Pirates of the Burning Sea, and Everquest II Extended) can be purchased with Station Cash. This can be done in the in-game marketplace.

13. Can I trade the items I purchase with Station Cash?

No, currently the items sold cannot be traded, which helps to reduce and/or prevent fraud.

14. In what denominations is Station Cash sold?

Station Cash is currently available in the following denominations: SC500, SC1,000, SC2,000, SC2,500, SC5,000, SC10,000

15. Where can I get more detailed information on Station Cash?

Station Cash is subject to our Terms of Service, which can be accessed here.
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