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Introducing SOE Player Direct


Lights, Camera... ACTION!

SOE Player Direct

We have long admired the videos that our players have made. Some make us giggle, some make us proud, and some make us just stare in open-jawed amazement. in short, you guys have become terrific video directors.

We just can't get enough - literally - we come across most of your SOE Game videos while randomly surfing the web, by accident. We want to celebrate your work, on purpose! Enter, SOE Player Direct!

We made a cool logo. We set up a special page, and an email address for submissions and questions. All we need now are more of YOUR VIDEOS!


We warmly invite you to submit links to your best videos for us to share and promote on our official SOE YouTube channels. We plan to show snippets of some Player Direct work on stage at SOE Live, and after the event, we'll host a weekly mashup of the coolest videos from across our games.

As a side note, the Player Direct site is also useful for anyone who is interested in our video terms of service. Our number one request right now is from video creators wondering this very thing... please point your YouTube or Twitch contact to the SOE Player Direct page to see that you're not only legit but that SOE loves that you're making videos of our games.

In short, the terms of service are SHORT, and sweet. You can even run your videos on a monetized channel online via YouTube or Twitch! Let me know when you make your first million from your video stardom and I'll take you out for a tasty beverage to celebrate.

Now I'm going to sit back and wait for all the videos to roll in. You got 'em, we WANT 'em! Check out the examples already linked on the SOE Player Direct Page!


Player Direct Video List