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Qeynos Rises

Released: July 24, 2012

The new Qeynos is rife with intrigue and conflict as the city, Queen Antonia Bayle, and the Circle of Ten evolve and struggle to oversee the welfare of the goodly folk of Norrath. As is in most places in Norrath, power can tip the scales. The new racial quests, which are available at all levels, offer historical lore and an introduction to your origins as well as a sense of your place within your race while experiencing Qeynosian struggles. The new class and storyline quests, starting at level 20, drop you amidst the city's strife with your brethren all the way to the high court.


  • New revamped areas combined from 4 to 2 zones with amazing designs with Qeynos Palace overlooking the city.
  • Class Focus Effects have been consolidated and will now be available starting at level 9 and then every 9 levels in the Character Development window.
  • Massive PvP Update with new PvP stats derived from PvE stats, PvP gear that is useful in PvE combat, revised achievements, infamy, bounty, and a new token earning system.
  • Level-agnostic gameplay in Battlegrounds making it more fun, rewarding, and accessible for everyone. Players level 30 to 89 can play together as well as levels 90 to 92.
  • Earn bonus tokens to spend on new items in Battlegrounds with kill streaks, rewards for breaking streaks, capturing the flag, and more.
  • Battlegrounds tokens can be spent on new gear starting at level 10.
  • Fighters receive a new stance called "Recklessness," allowing them to do significant damage while sacrificing their ability to withstand damage.

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