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Darkness Dawns

Released: July 23, 2013

The oracles still see chaos and uncertainty on the horizon even with victory for the New Combine army in Cobalt Scar. Norrathians tirelessly guard the newly found Tear of Veeshan – an artifact that could turn the tides of war forever in this time of delicate peace.

In the shadows, though, the dark army of the Awakened prepares to strike once more.

Are you prepared? Will you prevent the end of the world foretold in the Ages End prophecy?

All of Norrath is called to stand up and fight as darkness dawns…


  • Fabled Dungeons: New versions of old favorites from the first EQII expansion (Desert of Flames) return, including current high-level content and loot
  • Character Advancement Templates (CATs): Players can now select fully completed character builds to exchange and rebuild at will... with no re-specialization fees!
  • New Contested Avatar Raids (3): Go up against three new contested avatars in the overlands -- Prexus, Solusek Ro and Drinal
  • Arena of the Gods: A new raid instance allowing 24 players to challenge any of 9 avatars that are in game
  • Tradeskill & PvP: New high-end tradeskill apprentice goodies and PvP rewards
  • Daily Objectives: Allows players to earn tokens to spend on unique and useful loot simply by playing the way they always do. Completing two simple objectives in any play style -- adventuring, PvP, or crafting -- earns a token reward every day!
  • Personal Depots: Lots of storage for harvested, crafted, and other items

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